Affiliated to University of Calcutta

UGC Disclosure : Prospectus 2018-19


The college has fine fully equipped Laboratories for the Departments of geography, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics and Journalism.

a) Geography Laboratory is equipped with GIS facility, surveying instruments, Satellite imaging and aerial photographing equipments and other advanced equipments.

b) Computer Science Laboratory has several computers with modern configurations, Windows server, digital kits, microprocessor kits and modern softwares. Projects area displayed through LED TVs.

c) Chemistry Laboratory is equipped, in addition to basic equipments, with pH meter, distillation apparatus, Kipp?s apparatus, Melting point bath, centrifuge and other equipments, in accordance to latest C.U. syllabus.

d) The Physics Laboratory is also well-equipped with latest apparatus.

e) The Journalism Laboratory has Sony PD 175 Professional Video camera, Nikon D90 DLSR camera with lens & accessories, latest video and photo-editing software, lights and other allied resources, as well latest journals to facilitate hands on training and development for students.